Tche Ruggi

Exhibited in Brazil, UK, France, Portugal and Germany

Tché was born to paint and chose to dedicate his life to arts in 2005 through Graffiti which led him naturally to set up the Coletivo132 in 2008 and then co-create the now prestigious Galeria A7MA.

Tché defines his environment through its shapes, movements, and structures - giving birth to an alternative universe within our own world. His experience, encounters and observations enriched his reflection of the world and are synthetized with colorful patterns and chromatic geometrical formations. When looking around him, Tché sees a combination of triangles, squares, and rectangles - an alchemy of colors and shadings - a constant stimulation of our senses. Closing his eyes for an instant, meditating on his perception of our common reality, Tché will use his spray bombs and brushes to invite us into a multi-faced substitute world where the precision of his forms, the logic of his movements will generate an harmonious whole, far from the violence and hardness of our routine.

Tché is a versatile artist also known for his kinetic sculptures bringing into life some elements of the world he has been inviting us to explore.

Exhibited works

    Museu Brasileira da Escultura
    Bienial do Graffiti Fine Art
    Galeria A7MA
    Ema Klabin Foundation

Commercial collaborations

    Hotel Ibis Style
    Leroy Merlin
    Natiruts Band


Street Art
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